Rochester Institute of Technology

Master's Degree in Information Technology

Concentrations in Databases, Game Design & Development

Graduated May, 2010

  • Studied securing, tuning, and warehousing database systems in MySQL & Oracle on CentOS Linux installations.
  • In collaboration with 11 students, developed a game world and prototype in XNA.
  • Partnered with a local newspaper, The Democrat and Chronicle, to create a community-wide alternate reality game (ARG) titled "Picture The Impossible" using PHP, Drupal, and MySQL that acquired over 2,500 players.
  • Composed and presented a year-long Master's Degree Capstone project to advising professors. The Capstone consisted of an 80-page written work titled "Virtual World Interoperability of Avatar Information" that chronicles attempted player suggestions and avatar transference.
  • Completed a prototype that allowed avatar transference and recommendations to players in support of my thesis.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

Minor in Entrepreneurship

Concentrations in Databases, Game Development

Graduated May, 2008

  • Studied 2D and 3D game programming, leading to the creation of 2D and 3D game prototypes for PC and Xbox360.
  • Developed applications in a three-tier architecture using MySQL DBMS and PHP to create an online store system.
  • Managed Oracle installation and virtualization in CentOS Linux. Performed backups, disaster recovery, creation of PL/SQL scripts, and virtualization conversion of CentOS images.
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