Striking Distance Studios

Network Engineering Manager

December, 2020 - Present

  • Lead online services & platform integration for The Callisto Protocol using Unreal Engine 4.

Crystal Dynamics

Senior Online Services Programmer

July, 2018 - November, 2020

  • Lead online services for Marvel's Avengers on a 25+-year-old C++ engine.
  • Managed Marvel's Avengers's Java backend server to provide a suite of features covering PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Steam, XBOX One, and XBOX Series X & S platforms.
  • Created & integrated games-as-a-service features such as purchasing, account management, inventory, transactions, and cheat-prevention.
  • Onboarded & managed multiple contractors and full-time engineers on both client-side & backend tracks.
  • Created technical design documents and delegated them to other engineers.
  • Optimized several server-side features by 1500%.
  • Optimized client-side metrics creation by 500%.
  • Collaborated with partners & co-developers across 6 timezones.
  • Supported the worldwide launch of Marvel's Avengers Beta across 3 platforms with 6+ million unique users becoming PlayStation's most-downloaded beta in history.
  • Supported the worldwide launch of Marvel's Avengers across 4 platforms.

Jam City

Lead Software Engineer

August, 2017 - May, 2018

  • Built a shared C# backend & client-side C# codebase for a mobile, real-time battle arena game in Unity 3D and .NET Core.
  • Designed and propagated unit test, game logic, and UI workflows.
  • Developed a C# reflection-based rewind system for lag-managed real-time battle simulations.
  • Partnered with cross-studio core technology teams and contributed critical core library improvements & fixes.


Senior Server Engineer

March, 2016 - August, 2017

  • Designed a cloud-agnostic, Docker-based REST game service API architecture and deployed it to AWS.
  • Established a core technology team to create centralized C# online game services.
  • Implemented online game service features on multiple Unity 3D C# game clients.
  • Created technical design documents for game features and core service APIs.
  • Set up unit and integration test processes for all API functionality.
  • Optimized TCP socketed services to reduce bandwidth usage over 85% and increase user capacity by 4000%.

Blizzard Entertainment

Software Engineer

January, 2014 - March, 2016

  • Developed C++ libraries used across all Blizzard teams & games, including Hearthstone (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (Windows, Mac), World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (Windows, Mac), Heroes of the Storm (Windows, Mac), StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (Windows, Mac), Overwatch (Windows, PS4, Xbox One), and World of Warcraft: Legion (Windows, Mac).
  • Contributed to a company-wide fork of the C++ and LUA Premake project that provided cross-platform C++ libraries with minimal configuration and deterministic compilation.
  • Collaborated with technical writers to establish a styled Doxygen documentation flow for all of
  • Built shared C++ libraries for telemetry data, WebSocket connections, inter-process communication, and payment systems. Provided support to game teams during integration and adjusted libraries per team feedback.
  • Integrated features and bug fixes to the core game services which are used by over 46 million users.
  • Created an off-screen, shared graphics memory rendering system using the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) and integrated it into World of Warcraft and additional game prototypes.

Wormhole Games

Lead Server Engineer

September, 2013 - December, 2013

  • Collaborated with leadership to create a Python and MySQL REST API service for the iOS game Tank Nation.
  • Established a Puppet-based deployment system for AWS.

Midverse Studios

Lead Server Engineer

March, 2013 - September, 2013

  • Created analytical and gameplay logic REST API systems using PHP and Zend framework.
  • Integrated API and additional features into Bingo (iOS, Android) and Slots (iOS, Android).
  • Improved MySQL indexing and data structures and added new gameplay modes to Arms Cartel (iOS).
  • Advised leadership on technology choices and cost reductions while designing new mobile titles.


Senior Software Engineer

November, 2012 - February, 2013

  • Created a web interface for users to create triggers that specified analytical and A/B testing events.
  • Optimized MySQL queries to improve application performance.
  • Built a payment verification system with vendor APIs, backed by a MySQL cluster.
  • Created Unity 3D integration for PlayPhone's proprietary mobile SDK and payment APIs.

Loot Drop

Server Engineer

September, 2011 - October, 2012

  • Developed game features in a REST API on a LAMP stack using MySQL and PHP.
  • Integrated Facebook, Google+, and DemonWare APIs.
  • Launched web games Ghost Recon Commander (Facebook, Ubisoft) and Pettington Park (Google+, Zynga).
  • Collaborated with publishers to prioritize game features and assess game milestone goals.

Riot Games

Associate Software Engineer

September, 2010 - July, 2011

  • Integrated bug fixes and features into the platform service, which powers League of Legends (Windows, Mac).
  • Created MySQL scripts to denormalize player data into JSON entries, increasing data read & write speeds.
  • Lead establishment of the Build Team, which provided continuous integration builds via an Ant & Maven build system and Jenkins build pipeline.
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