Personal Projects


Genetic Algorithm & AI that adapts and learns to play the Megaman X Intro Stage.


C++14 library to control LIFX lightbulbs on a local network, including a command-line utility.


Node.js library to fetch user information from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

PAX Dev 2012 Panel: "Your First Million Players: Scalable Architecture for Digital Games"

Presentation Slides

Presentation during PAX Dev 2012 about scaling data systems for online games. Panels included myself, Dev Purkayastha, and Jordan Toor. The presentation was approximately 1 hour long and provided an overview of technologies and strategies to scale one's data systems.

Virtual World Interoperability of Avatar Information

Capstone Proposal Capstone Document Capstone Code & Data

Accepted as my Master's Degree's capstone and presented at the Rochester BarCamp in 2008. This project focused upon the current state of virtual world interoperability, types of avatar information that may be transferred between worlds, a transfer-based layout of avatar information, and a view at how permissions can be authenticated and controlled between worlds.

I presented this capstone on April 29th, 2009 at 2 PM and it was accepted by my advisors.

Invasion Cute

Demo Submitted Codebase Design Document

Invasion Cute was a platformer/shooter hybrid where the player can use 1 of 3 various cute aliens, each with unique abilities. This game was developed as a prototype for a classmate's game design idea and is targeted towards a younger audience. It was created in Flash, using Action Script 3, resulting in a quick development cycle.

QR Code Decoder

Proof-of-concept web application that utilizes a Java applicatin to decode user-provided QR codes via image URL or file.


eAthena was the English translation of jAthena, a Japanese open-source server emulator for the MMORPG game Ragnarok Online. This project allows one to create their own Ragnarok Online server. During eAthena's development, I assisted with the addition of features, fixed bugs, planned development with fellow developers, and assisted users with installation, configuration, and database integration issues.


Submitted Code CCGame Package Design Document Technical Document

Sedohr is a multiplayer 2D shooting/fighting game where players fight for the last escape pod after a space wreckage.

The idea for Sedohr evolved from the concept of monkeys fighting one another with rocket launchers. Unfortunately, the monkeys were cut from the design as it evolved! The game was created using XNA and C# to run on Windows and XBOX 360.

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